Trempera! has its origins back in 2009 when Bruno, Lluc, Xavi and Joan met for the first time in Barcelona and started to play together. The connection between us -both in musical and human levels- was so strong that we decided to create our own band in Amsterdam, where we moved to study a master degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Together with the young Italian bassist Giuseppe Romagnoli, this quintet promises beautiful yet powerful music. We are very grateful and happy to announce that Trempera! has recently won The Records prize, which will allow us to record our first album in August 2017. Trempera! has been a finalist band in the Dutch Jazz Competition 2014 and it was awarded with four prizes in the Keep An Eye International Jazz Award 2014 celebrated in Amsterdam, two of them in the semi-final at the Blue Note: “First Prize” and “Best Soloist”; and the other two in the international final at the Bimhuis: “Second Prize” and “Best Monk Arragement”. It was a great experience and we hope these recognitions will make us keep working hard and open doors to share our music around, as we already did in the Netherlands, Catalonia and Italy.

Everyone is having fun here: TREMPERA!

Band members:

Bruno Calvo, trumpet
Lluc Casares, tenor sax & bass clarinet
Xavi Torres, piano
Giuseppe Romagnoli, bass
Joan Terol, drums